Clinical Grade Tympanic Thermometer (RTP010)

Clinical Grade Tympanic Thermometer (RTP010)

Clinical Grade Tympanic Thermometer (RTP010)


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  • Measurement range: 32.0°C (89.6°F) – 43.0°C (109.4°F)
  • Accuracy: ±0.2°C (±0.4°F) for the range of 35.0°C to 42.0°C (95°F to 107.6°F) ±0.3°C (±0.5°F) for the range of < 35.0°C (95°F) or > 42.0°C (107.6°F)
  • Operating Condition: 10°C to 40°C (50°F to 104°F), 95% RH or less non-condensing
  • Storage Condition: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F), 95% RH or less non-condensing
  • Resolution: 0.1°C / 0.1°F
  • Dimension / Weight: 150 (L) x 42 (W) x 56 (H) mm / 80 g

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Clinical grade tympanic thermometer with guiding indicator and advanced measuring technology. The unique probe cover with dispenser box provides an efficient workflow, minimising cross contamination. Designed for professional use.



  • Measurement Unit: °C (Default) / °F
  • Display Function: Hi / Lo Indicator
  • Power Source: 1.5 V AA x 2 non rechargeable
  • Battery Life: At least 3000 measurements
  • Memory Capacity: 10 measurements
  • Power saving: 60 seconds
  • Communication: Bluetooth Smart (optional)



  • Clinical grade readings in 1 – 2 seconds
  • Guide indicator to ensure proper probe tip placement
  • Applicable for all patient types
  • Single use, latex and BPA free disposable probe covers. Aid prevention of cross infection with contactless one hand operation
  • Minimum of 3000 measurements with one set of AA batteries
  • Available with Bluetooth for connectivity with RVS-100 patient monitor, allowing seamless integration with the bedside device
  • Optional calibration kit available
  • CE / FDA approved


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