"NEW" Electronic CD Register

Electronic CD Register


Why CDRe?

CDRe is a software based electronic controlled drug register that replaces the paper-based register traditionally used in community pharmacy. It may be a simple in concept, but electronic registers will have a big impact on all pharmacies that currently maintain a paper-based controlled drug register.

Why a stand-alone system?

PMR integrated controlled drug registers can be problematic, during inspections the PMR system will be in use by the inspector causing delays in fulfilling scripts.
The number of patients on CD’s can be quite small so entering details of new patients shouldn’t present a problem.
Not having it on the PMR system helps to prevent data corruption.



  • No More Paper Records

  • Easy Audits

  • Compliant with CD Legislation

  • Reduce Errors

  • Saves Time

  • Methadone Scheduling

  • Stock Balancing

  • Different Access Levels

  • Lower Cost

  • Easy to Use and Saves You Money

  • Printable Register

  • Patient Return Register


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